Indie Movie Guru Megan Ellison Saves Beloved Video Store

Vidiots, Santa Monica

Megan Ellison has become something of a sainted figured in the world of independent cinema, producing and financing some of the most important films of the past few years, including The Master, Zero Dark Thirty, Her, Foxcatcher, and American Hustle. Now, she’s increased her stock among Los Angeles-area film buffs even more, by making a substantial donation to keep the lights on at Vidiots, one of the region’s last remaining, and most beloved, video stores.

The Santa Monica store, which has been open since the ‘80s, went non-profit in 2012 in an attempt to preserve its place as a cultural center and movie library. But they were going to have to shut their doors in April due to increasing costs. Ms. Ellison and longtime customer and physician Leonard Lipman stepped forward with substantial donations that co-owner Cathy Tauber says will keep the store open “for many years.”

The amounts of those donations have not been disclosed, and the notoriously press-shy Ellison had, unsurprisingly, no comment.

Here’s a brief introduction to the store and its owners, from the forthcoming documentary World of Video; you can find out more about the store and the non-profit at their website.

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