Is ‘Monsters University’ a Pixar Sequel, or an ‘Animal House’ Remake?


Pixar’s been on pretty shaky ground lately, what with the disappointment of Brave and the nightmare of Cars 2 and the strange reliance on sequels among their slate of forthcoming releases. One of those sequels is Monsters University, this summer’s follow-up (via flashback) to their 2001 smash Monsters, Inc. And the studio’s not quite what it used to be, it must be said: the trailer for Monsters University looks kind of great:

What’s most intriguing about the film is that it appears—based on the trailer, anyway—that they’re having some fun with the standard tropes of college comedy, even though that’s a genre usually geared towards an adult audience. The Animal House influence is particularly noticeable (even going so far as to include a run-in with a folk singer similar to Belushi’s “I gave my love a cherry” scene). The little kids the film is ostensibly geared towards won’t get that stuff at all, but parents will, and that two-pronged quality has been sorely missing from Pixar’s most recent efforts.

Monsters University—which, by the way, adds such awesome people as Nathan Fillion, Aubrey Plaza, Helen Mirren, Bobby Moynihan, John Krasinski, and Charlie Day to the voice cat of characters—opens June 21.

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