It’s ELLE’s Green Week


This week, is releasing its first “Green Week” issue all about “women in pot.”

the pot issue

Weed has wholly infiltrated the mainstream, and while Nancy Botwin may have burned some suburban towns to the ground and inspired a fake Snoop Dogg song, ELLE is investigating the mark left by the real women dealing with, and often just dealing, weed. ELLE is totally correct in examining the way it affects the lives of us ladies, and all the good and the bad that comes with it (i.e., examining “the new portrayals of lady tokens… in shows such as Broad City and High Maintenance, to the smart, enterprising women who’ve made viable careers in cannabis…to an illustrated guide to scoring stuff for the girl who has, well, never before scored the stuff”). So be sure to follow ELLE on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates on The Pot Issue.