Janet Jackson Announces New Music and World Tour


Today is the 49th birthday of Janet Jackson. The singer has gifted us with a present on her special day — “new music, a new world tour, a new movement.” The youngest Jackson family sibling announced the news on her Twitter account. ‘I’ve been listening,” she says in a new video. “Let’s keep the conversation going.” The hashtag associated with the announcement is “#ConversationsInACafe,” which could be an album title candidate. Jackson’s last album Discipline was released in 2008. Rolling Stone called the new music “a sexier brand of digitized megapop.” Fans have been clamoring for a new project ever since. In April, following the creation of fan posters asking where the “missing” musician has been, Jackson tweeted: “Letting go doesn’t mean you stop.” Jackson teased the new album back in 2013, stating in an interview that she was “creating the concept and initial thoughts on the music.” Hopefully we’re privy to that information soon.