JK Simmons to Star in Starz Supernatural Thriller


For years, JK Simmons was one of Hollywood’s many anonymous dudes, bald and working up a storm in so many character parts. Now, he’s an Oscar-winning “A”ctor, and so is set to star in a premium-cable drama, Counterpart.

Airing on Starz, and directed (in part, at least) by Morten Tyldum — the director of The Imitation Game — Counterpart will tell the story of Howard Silk (Simmons), a lowly cog in a giant, United Nations-esque agency. He’s aging and sad about it, until this: the discovery of a secret! And that secret? That the company for which he works is guarding a portal to a parallel universe. He finds his counterpart in the other dimension and begins to question his life, identity and, if all things go according to universal law, the meaning of life.

The series is still in its beginning stages, so all sorts of things are up in the air — including such key factors as episodes per season.