Jodie Foster Accepts Lifetime Achievement Award, Comments on Lack of Female Directors


Jodie Foster, unlike most recipients of lifetime achievement awards (regardless of industry), has spent almost literally her whole life in film — both behind and in front of the camera — and quite legitimately deserves an honor such as this Lifetime Achievement award from the Athena Film Festival, which highlights the work of women in film. That lifetime in Hollywood also gives Foster an interesting perspective on the industry.

At the AFF, Foster discussed her time in Hollywood, and how at first she worked among only men. She mentioned the slow integration of women into what she calls her film “family”:

Little by little, as time went on, a few female faces came onto crews, and it changed everything…Men [who were my] fathers and brothers, little by little, women came into their world and suddenly the family was a more realistic family.”

She also lamented the fact that there aren’t many female directors working in Hollywood, but went on to comment that she doesn’t “think there’s a plot to keep women from directing.” She commented, too, on Amy Pascal, the (now) former top executive of Sony Pictures Entertainment, saying, “She’s a wonderful executive, and I’ve really enjoyed working with her and enjoyed her as a friend. And I know that she’ll go on to do other things.”

Foster’s last memorable awards speech was at the 2013 Golden Globes, where she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille award and commented, obtusely, on her lesbianism.