Juliette Lewis Is Singing in a New Metal Supergroup


Giraffe Tongue Orchestra is a weird name for a band, but it is maybe not nearly as weird as the band itself, which is made up of The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Ben Weinman, Mastodon’s Brent Hinds, Dethklok’s Pete Griffin, former Mars Volta drummer Thomas Pridgen, and — wait for it — Juliette Lewis. Word has just come from Weinman that Lewis is taking lead vocal duties for the metal supergroup, and the project came about as naturally as one could hope.

The collaboration came from Weinman having seen Lewis perform with her other band, Juliette and the Licks, and being inspired by the fact that she throws herself into music even though she pretty clearly doesn’t need to, monetarily. As he tells it: “She doesn’t need to be playing in front of 500 people on this shitty ugly club, you know? She’s a successful actress–she did a 9-minute-long acting scene with Robert DeNiro for god sakes. And here she is by choice in a grungy club with a dirty toilet just putting everything into it.”

No word on when we can hear this thing, but it sounds like Lewis is a natural born killer it when it comes to rock ‘n’ roll. I mean, see for yourself, below — she pretty clearly is. Her acting output hasn’t been much to talk about lately, so it’s exciting to see she’s got something promising (in this case, an orchestra of giraffe tongues) in the pipeline.