Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Has “Had It” With Apple, Isn’t Exactly Looking Forward to Apple Music


Apple Music — as we learned from Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference — is attempting to encompass just about everything you’d ever think you’d want to do with your music in 2015: streaming, downloading, an “expert”-curated recommendation system, and a 24-hour radio station. But one feature it won’t have is Justin Vernon’s (aka Bon Iver’s) support.

Back in April, he tweeted his general disdain for Apple’s new products/platforms:

And yesterday, following an article in FACT (about indie labels being advised against signing with Apple Music during their three-month free trial period, because their contract declares that rights holders wouldn’t be paid royalties), Vernon took the opportunity to revisit his disapproval of the direction of the company. He wrote:

Via Pitchfork.