LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy Wants to Put Music in NYC Subway Stations

LCD Soundsystem retired in 2011, and since then, co-founder James Murphy has DJ-ed numerous gigs and produced Arcade Fire’s last album. But his newest project is a lot more ambitious: he wants to rework the sound of the NYC subway. According to Murphy, the turnstiles make an “unpleasant beep” and are “all slightly out of tune from one another,” so he’s been crafting unique sets of notes for each of the city’s 468 stations. The busier a station is, the richer the harmonies would become — a much better sound than rapid-fire beeping, at least in theory. Currently, the MTA plans to convert the subway into a tap-and-ride system by 2019, and Murphy is petitioning to have his new turnstile sounds integrated as part of the project. It seems unlikely (MTA spokesperson Adam Lisberg says they “really don’t care” that the tone is grating), but you can sign Murphy’s Subway Symphony here. [via WSJ]