Lego Librarians Tackle Common Stereotypes


For three bucks, you too can own a Lego librarian minifig (pictured above). Important: where can we get one of those mugs? The minifig is a bit of a stereotype, and Mr. Library Dude (aka Joe Hardenbrook) wondered about the other ways that librarians are perceived by peers and the general public. He came up with his own minifigs to poke fun at the whole situation. Visit his website to see more. [Spotted via Neatorama]


“After a long day’s work, all I really want is some quality time with my cat.”


“I find this focus on female librarians’ appearance to be rather sexist. Let me point you to an article I saw on”


“I quote Buffy and none of the students get it! Can you believe it?”


“I served with Melvil Dewey. I knew Melvil Dewey. Melvil Dewey was a friend of mine. You’re no Melvil Dewey.”


“Am I a rockstar librarian or just a rockstar? Doesn’t matter. L J just named me a Mover & Shaker even though I haven’t done shit. How awesome is that?!”