Lena Dunham Makes, Then Deletes, Then Apologizes for Molestation Joke on Twitter

Fresh off hosting SNL, Lena Dunham goes and makes a child molestation joke on Twitter because, hey, it’s the Internet. In what probably wasn’t the greatest move, Dunham responded to a Twitter rando who brought up, once again, the issue of her nudity. He wrote, “you don’t always have to get naked.” To which she replied, “Please tell that to my uncle, mister. He’s been making me!” (Though the tweet has since been deleted, BuzzFeed’s Rachel Zarrell captured it below.)

Minutes afterwards, she deleted the tweet and, most importantly, copped to making it rather than let it slide into the mystical online ether of denial by omission.

So yeah, Dunham made an off-color joke. It’s not really that surprising or that out of line with her sense of humor (Hannah Horvath would so tweet that). She recognized it was bad and deleted it, which is probably the best form of damage control she could do. I’m just tired for her sake of people asking her why she’s so naked on Girls. Like, is she any more naked than anyone else having sex on an HBO show? I think not. [via The Wrap]