Lena Dunham Responds to Jezebel’s $10,000 Request for Untouched ‘Vogue’ Photos

Jezebel caused a big Internet stink yesterday when the site announced that they were offering $10,000 for the un-retouched photos from Lena Dunham’s Vogue cover shoot. The spread is fashion-y and therefore ridiculous, not least of all because Dunham wears a feathered dress that would put Jessa to shame. The photos are obviously Photoshopped because all Vogue photos are ostensibly Photoshopped, but Jezebel wants to see the originals to prove the Captain Obvious point that ‘glossy superhuman Vogue Lena Dunham’ isn’t ‘real-life Lena Dunham’. This debacle had the makings of an even bigger controversy, but Dunham is refusing to engage in further clickbait. Instead, she responsed to television critic Emily Nussbaum on Twitter.

And here’s further proof she’s just #prayingforthehaters:

[via Crushable]