Lena Dunham’s ‘Scandal’ Wig Will Make You Wig out

LENA DUNHAMOn March 8, 2014, Lena Dunham starred in an SNL scandal spoof as a new, incompetent character who asked too many rambling questions. For the sketch, as is often the case — and even often the point — in SNL sketches, she wore a very obvious wig. But it turns out it was far more realistic than the wig she’ll actually be wearing on the show, in its clearly rushed attempt to erase Dunham’s Brooklynite aesthetic:


(For more photos of the wig, which becomes cheaper and cheaper with each image, go to THR). Dunham will debut her character — Kinky Sue  — on March 19, in an episode called “It’s Good to be Kink,” in which Kerry Washington’s Olivia gets familiar with a woman who intends to expose the kinky secrets of political elites. Until then, you can revisit what looks to be a more serious character in the SNL sketch: