Listen to Big Sean’s “Blessings” feat. Drake — And a Remix feat. Kanye West


Big Sean dropped a welcome surprise on the Internet last night: “Blessings,” a skulking track featuring Drake, complete with stormy sky visuals that recall the title of his upcoming album, Dark Skies Paradise.

It’s not coincidental that this song, which is undoubtedly influenced by the doomsday aesthetic of Yeezus, comes paired with a remix featuring Kanye West. His verse is of typical West-ian genius, mentioning his condom size, Snapchat, C-3PO, Montessori, and his home gym. The kicker is that the song is about how Sean, Drake, and Kanye have all worked their asses off to secure the lifestyles they’ve achieved. It’s a stylistically muscular track that, to be quite honest, has us more excited for this album than anything else Big Sean has released.

Dark Skies Paradise is due out February 24. Listen to “Blessings” and “Blessings (Remix)” below.