Listen to David Lynch’s Unreleased Song “And The Light Shines”

Last year, David Lynch released his second studio album, a collection of ’50s pop-tinged songs called The Big Dream, to somewhat mediocre reviews. While it surely fit the eerie Lynchian aesthetic, as a standalone album, The Big Dream wasn’t much to write home about unless you were already a hard-core fan. But now, to the presumed delight of Lynch-fanatics everywhere, Sunday Best Records is releasing The Big Dream Super Deluxe Edition, a three-disc box set that includes track remixes and instrumentals.

To promote the deluxe edition, Lynch posted to YouTube a previously unreleased song called “And The Light Shines.” The ethereal sounds of the misty track curl foggily around Lynch’s monotonous speech, which sounds like he’s reading from some sort of Bible: “With sounds filling all of the sky / and a roar as deep as the bottom of Hell / and darkness was torn away / so that angels came with a swelling light of Heaven / so there was pain no more.”

It’s not hard to imagine “And The Light Shines” backing an episode of Twin Peaks, or at least serving as a delightfully chilling soundtrack to your workday. Give it a listen below.

[via Consequence of Sound]