Listen to Lana Del Rey’s New Track “West Coast”


Lana Del Rey, that oft-flower-crowned, crocheted-gown-wearing music festival poster child, fittingly premiered her new song “West Coast” at Coachella last weekend. The track begins in her slow, sleepy style, like she just woke up from a drug-fueled night next to a hot, nameless stranger. But soon, a little beat kicks in and the tempo picks up, and it feels at least slightly different from Born to Die‘s retro vibe. There’s a slight nod to the New Radicals in one line (“You’ve got the music in you,” obviously), but it’s not enough of an homage or sample to really make things interesting. This is our first preview of Del Rey’s second album, Ultraviolence, so here’s hoping her next song kicks things up a notch. [via Stereogum]