Look Into the Minds of Crop Circle Investigators in Footage from ‘A Field Full of Secrets’

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Oftentimes, documentary filmmakers choose to look inside a world outside of their field of expertise, for the sake of (often falsely) unbiased filmmaking. First-time director Charles Maxwell, however, happens to have recorded the processes behind his own, very niche obsession: crop circles. In A Field Full of Secrets, the director captures the fervor of people, like himself, who want to get to the bottom of the crop circle mystery.

The film features exquisite aerial shots of the increasingly complex patterns, which are either the work of unknown forces sending signals to UFOs or people who enjoy making wheat farmers’ lives more difficult. Regardless of their origins, they’re often exquisite and inexplicably perfect, so beholding what might simply be the pastime of some seriously bored humans is just as breathtaking as it would be if they were made by aliens. In fact, if crop circles were made by aliens, wouldn’t you be disappointed in the aliens’ boring marriage to gluten? I, at least, hope that the unknown forces that’ll invade and pillage our planet know a thing or two about quinoa.

Watch footage from the film, which is out on VOD on December 2:

[Via Indiewire]