Louis C.K. Explains the “Letterman, Fuck You!” Scene to Letterman

Maybe the finest achievement (and that’s saying something) of Louie’s brilliant third season was the three-part arc in which he endured a grueling network audition and reinvention as possible successor to David Letterman on The Late Show. At the conclusion of that storyline (spoiler alert?) Louie discovered that he’d basically been used as a negotiating tool in re-upping Dave’s contract—but knew that he’d pulled off the more difficult psychological battle of convincing himself that he could do it. It all culminated in a terrific scene of Louie standing in front of the Ed Sullivan Theatre, bellowing “Hey Letterman, I did it!… Fuck you!” at the building.

That was great enough; last night, Louie appeared on The Late Show, where Letterman played the clip and good-naturedly asked what he did to deserve that. And Louie had a good retort. Check it out:

[via Uproxx]