Marching Band to Lead Blind Performance Artist Through City

Carmen Papalia, a Canadian artist who is legally blind, has arranged for a local high school band to guide him on a tour of downtown Santa Ana in California’s Orange County with the sound of their music. For a performance work he calls Mobility Device, Papalia will depend on the Great Centurion Marching Band from Century High School, who, with close to zero rehearsal, will improvise a code of ascending and descending rhythms and tones to signal when he must turn, climb stairs, or cross the street. The project is the latest in a long string of installations and performances executed by Papalia, 31, based on sound and other non-visual media, which have begun to grab the attention of curators at the Whitney Museum of American Art in Manhattan and the Craft and Folk Art Museum in L.A.  This fall, he will have a solo exhibit at the CUE Foundation in New York. [via KCET]