Margaret Atwood’s Newest Project Won’t Be Seen For 100 Years

>Margaret Atwood has   extolled the virtues of the   social media site, Wattpad.

If you’re dying to see the next thing Margaret Atwood writes, well, you’re out of luck. Atwood will be the first contributor to The Future Library project, a work of public art conceived of by Scottish artist Katie Paterson. Here’s how it works: Paterson has planted a forest of 1,000 trees outside Oslo, and if everything goes as planned, every year for the next 100 years, one writer will add a new text to the collection. In 2114, the forest will be cut down to print the 100-book collection, so they can be read at last.

“For some writers I think it could be an incredible freedom – they can write whatever they like,” Paterson said, “from a short story to a novel, in any language and any context … We’re just asking that it be on the theme of imagination and time, which they can take in so many directions. I think it’s important that the writing reflects maybe something of this moment in time, so when future readers open the book, they will have some kind of reflection of how we were living in this moment.”

Of course this is just the kind of thing Our Lady of Future Times Margaret Atwood would be into — a next-level literary time capsule. If only we could be around to see it.

[via The Guardian]