Maybe ‘L.A. Confidential’ Will Be a TV Show, Too

Hannibal has turned out to be something of a hit, both among critics and viewers (for NBC, anyway), so author James Ellroy has apparently decided to buck the movie-to-TV curse and turn his most popular book L.A. Confidential from a beloved film into a television series.

Fans of the film might cock their eyebrows at this news, and for good reason; as anyone who owns the special edition DVD of Curtis Hanson’s excellent 1997 film adaptation knows, they already did this once. In 2000, a pre-24 Keifer Sutherland starred (as Jack Vincennes, the Kevin Spacey role) in a pilot for a potential series version of L.A. Confidential. The pilot wasn’t picked up, but it was included on the film’s DVD, where lookyloos could find out that it’s actually not that easy to replicate the magic of the movie.

But Ellroy’s giving it a shot, shopping the series to several network and cable outlets, under the condition that it gets a straight series commitment (as opposed to the pilot-and-pass route that sunk the previous attempt). Color this viewer skeptical, though Ellroy’s hands-on involvement can only be a good sign.

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