Missy Elliott Working on New Material with Pharrell


Not that the world ever forgot about Missy Elliott, but the world was certainly reminded of her pure excellence after this year’s Super Bowl, where she effectively stole the show from headliner Katy Perry. That performance and its medley of hits (“Get Ur Freak On,” “Work It,” “Lose Control”) had all of us hankering for some more of that good stuff Missy last gave us in 2005’s The Cookbook.

Good news, then! Elliott tweeted a photo with Pharrell, who she collaborated with on The Cookbook‘s “On & On.” There’s no concrete word as to whether or not this will result in songs for one of Elliott’s own albums, or if she’s just working on one of the millions of projects Pharrell undoubtedly has going at all times. With any luck, it will be a giant, “Happy“-sized hit, without sounding like “Happy.”