More on Streaming’s Absurd Underpayment: Portishead Band Members’ Takeaway from 34 Million Streams Was $2,500

portishead-dummyPortishead is a pretty huge band: you’re likely to hear Dummy playing, at some point, in your favorite coffee shop, just as you’re likely to hear Third playing in your favorite nightmare. So you’d think — even despite knowledge of the fact that streaming services grossly underpay artists — that somehow the band would be constantly making bank on their oft-listened-to three studio albums. Well, they’re not. To show exactly how underwhelming streaming services’ compensation for artists is, Portishead band member Geoff Barrow (who most recently scored Ex Machina) took to Twitter:

Consequence of Sound translates that amount to a paltry $2,511.79. Of course, Jay Z’s Tidal is trying to offer a solution to this trend, but that’s likewise already been prone to harsh criticism for its seeming favoring of huge musicians over those who are more in need of better deals with streaming services.