National Poetry Month Poem of the Day: ‘Thanksgiving in the Catskills no Cell Reception or Internet’ by Tommy Pico


To celebrate National Poetry Month, Flavorwire is posting a poem a day. For today’s poem, we’re happy to bring you something from Tommy Pico, whose latest collection, Absent Minder, is out now.

“Thanksgiving in the Catskills no Cell Reception or Internet” by Tommy Pico

Max and Roy built a fire. Danny
made mushroom tea. Lauren made me
laugh. Chantal made think.
Charles made cookies. Roy made
popcorn. I made jokes that some-

times got people to chuckle, other
times no one could hear me. Christopher
is still chopping and mixing the kitchen.
We are sitting by the fire watching
Dallas. J.R. is a fucking jerk. Lauren said

I look youthful. Chantal agreed—it was
the baseball cap, which they called
a galaxy. Max is making me drink
the tea. I wish there was a kitty.
Chantal loves beautiful women in 80’s

TV. Roy makes cocoa. I am caught up
in the TV show. Not being online makes me
anxious. Max is wrapped up like a mummy.
Danny is quiet, but laughing. Lauren is
stuttering and laughing. Chantal is gesturing.

Charles is quiet, but nice. Christopher
is logical. He packed the car. He and Roy
are a geeky couple and I love it. The whiskey
is going. The glasses are dirty. The fire
is roaring. I’m missing the show.