National Poetry Month Poem of the Day: ‘What We Love Most is Definitely Going to Kill Us Hallelujah’ by Melissa Broder


To celebrate National Poetry Month, Flavorwire will be posting a poem a day. Today’s poem comes from Melissa Broder, whose three collections (When You Say One Thing but Mean Your Mother, Meat Heart, and 2014’s Scarecrone) should all be on your bookshelf by now.

“What We Love Most is Definitely Going to Kill Us Hallelujah” by Melissa Broder

Wade in the water

Wade in the goddamn water

I have been wading

I wade and wade and don’t even know

The water dissolves me

The soothing water

The water as mother

The water is burning

I am ready to burn

I am burning me up

Every day I burn and burn

Every day I lose the wade

I listen for the water

I cannot tell me the water

Words never in or of the water

They are dancing around it

They are pointing to the water

I am pointing to the water

I say look look water!

I say where?