Neill Blomkamp-Directed ‘Alien’ Movie Officially Confirmed


Last we’d heard from Neill Blomkamp regarding his directing a much-rumored new, potentially Sigourney Weaver-starring Alien movie, the District 9 director told UPROXX, “There’s a high possibility, a high degree of chance that it happens that I go back and try to get Alien made.” Now, it’s gone from “high possibility” to officially confirmed. The director took to Instagram to set all H.R. Giger-loving hearts aflutter, saying:

Variety has likewise confirmed that 20th Century Fox has closed a deal with Blomkamp on the film. The project, which will be produced by Ridley Scott, shouldn’t be mistaken with Scott’s in-production Prometheus 2; the new Blomkamp film will allegedly take place three years after Prometheus 2. It has not yet been confirmed whether Weaver will appear in the film.

Of course, all the speculation began months ago when Blomkamp posted a series of wildly intriguing concept art on Instagram. Here’s some of that, in case you need a refresher: