Netflix Wants to Make Sure ‘Star Trek”s Klingon Subtitles Are Totally Accurate


Netflix has been on the receiving end of some fairly harsh criticism over blatant errors in the way it’s streaming movies, but at long last they’re taking some steps to remedy the issues. Yes, folks, our long national nightmare is over: they’ve pulled Star Trek III: The Search for Spock until the Vulcan and Klingon subtitles are corrected.

RadioTimes reports that ST3 had been streaming with English dubbing over the alien tongues, but the service will replace the original audio and supplement it with English subtitles—and not from the original DVDs, but of their own creation. “The on-demand service thinks it can do the translation work in about a week.”

The Hollywood Reporter muses, “This either means that (a) the Netflix WI version of The Search for Spock will have the most impressively accurate Klingon and Vulcan subtitles ever or (b) Netflix is a fan of creating unnecessary work for itself.”

Meanwhile, Man on the Moon and Pulp Fiction and several other movies are still streaming in cropped versions. Priorities!

[RadioTimes via THR]