New Toni Morrison Novel Deals with Childhood Trauma

toni-morrisonBeloved author and Nobel laureate Toni Morrison will publisher her 11th novel, God Help the Child, on April 21st with Knopf. The novel, according to publicity materials, concerns the way “childhood trauma shapes and misshapes the life of the adult.” The story centers on a woman named Bride, whose

stunning blue-black skin is only one element of her beauty, her boldness and confidence, her success in life; but which caused her light-skinned mother to deny her even the simplest forms of love until she told a lie that ruined the life of an innocent woman, a lie whose reverberations refuse to diminish.

Called “spare and unsparing,” the novel is slated to arrive one day before Toni Morrison: A Literary Life, a substantial literary biography, written by Linda Wagner-Martin, that “aligns Morrison’s novels with the works of both Virginia Woolf and William Faulkner, assessing her works as among the most innovative, and most significant, worldwide, of the past fifty years.”