Now You Can Get Bluth Frozen Bananas from Seamless

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 12.25.30 PM

Netflix has certainly been working the clever promotional angles for Arrested Development’s upcoming fourth season—aside from the expected character posters and trailers, they’re taking the Bluth banana stand out on the road for stints to give away free frozen bananas. After its debut in London last week, the banana stand hit NYC this morning. Keep an eye out later today for video from that opening, but in the meantime, hats off to whoever thought of engaging Seamless to help promote its New York appearance. Here’s the fake Seamless page for Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana, offering up not only the original and double-dipped frozen banana, but such beloved AD food items as the Skip’s Scramble (regular and egg whites only), boil in the bag dinner, the notorious Bluth Corn Balls, and Gangy’s favorite breakfast, vodka rocks and toast. A warning: the delivery minimum is $250K.

[Pop Culture Brain]