Of Course Alan Moore Hates the Idea of a ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ TV Show

Legendary graphic novelist Alan Moore is notorious for hating just about every adaptation of his work, so it’s not surprising to hear him telling Entertainment Weekly that he doesn’t approve of Fox’s plans to televise The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen:

“Me and Kevin [O’Neill, co-creator] have been chuckling about that one, we only heard about it the other day. When [DC Comics] did the recent Watchmen prequel comics I said all of sorts of deeply offensive things about the modern entertainment industry clearly having no ideas of its own and having to go through dust bins and spittoons in the dead of night to recycle things.

After pausing a beat for emphasis he added: “The announcement that there is a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen television series hasn’t caused me to drastically alter my opinions. Now it seems they are recycling things that have already proven not to work.”

It’s a pretty tame response, but at this point, Moore is probably too used to this sort of thing to get enraged. That’s also kind of what happens when you sell the rights to your work, and Sean O’Neal of The A.V. Club makes the fantastic point about how practically all of Moore’s ideas are recycled in one way or another — especially The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: “And then there’s that one time he used the grand literary tradition to recycle fairy tale characters and make them fuck each other.” Touché.