Olympics Bump Next Year’s Oscars to March

Because we know you like to plan your Oscar parties verrrrrry far in advance, mark your calendars now: the 2014 Academy Awards ceremony has been moved to the later-than-usual date of March 2nd.

The March telecast is a bit of a reversal from recent years. For decades, the ceremony was held in March or even April, but it was moved to February in 2004, since viewers were getting “awards show-ed out” by the time the big kahuna made it to the air. The move to February also placed the highly-rated program within the winter “sweeps” period, to the presumed delight of ABC. However, some complained that the new date shortened the window for Academy voters to see films, both for nomination and voting purposes—as if that’s actually what’s important.

This year, however, the customary mid-to-late February slot is a tough one, because that would place the show in competition with the Winter Olympic Games. In 2006 and 2010, the show was moved into early March to avoid the conflict; this year, they’ll do that again, though Indiewire reports they’ve already announced that the show will return to February in 2015, so go ahead and mark that down too.

And because we know this is your next question: they’re reportedly talking to Justin Timberlake about hosting.