PC Music Launching Television Network, Dropping Compilation


PC Music, founded by A.G. Cook and fueled by utter pop weirdness, has had a winning streak since it began back in 2013. That streak came to a head at this year’s SXSW, where the label produced its first ever live show, bringing to life QT, its most successful artist (or project, or art piece, or whatever) and ruling over all of the myriad headlines coming from that headline-creating event. Now, that music — which includes releases from Hannah Diamond, SOPHIE, and A.G. Cook, among others — is being compiled and released in a collection, PC Music Volume 1, that is, as PC Music goes, only available online.

In other, more real-world news, the PC Music crew will also be performing at BRIC House in Brooklyn as a part of Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York which would not be of special significance, except that the performance — being billed as “Pop Cube” — is also serving as a launching point for a new television network associated with PC Music. How exactly a television network founded by PC Music will manifest itself is a compelling mystery, but it will, at the very least, be “interesting.”

The tracklist for PC Music Volume 1: 

1. Hannah Diamond — “Every Night”
2. A. G. Cook — “Beautiful”
3. GFOTY — “USA”
4. Danny L Harle — “In My Dreams”
5. Hannah Diamond — “Attachment”
6. Lipgloss Twins — “Wannabe”
7. Thy Slaugher — “Bronze”
8. A. G. Cook — “Keri Baby” (ft. Hannah Diamond)
9. GFOTY — “Don’t Wanna / Let’s Do It”
10. easyFun — “Laplander”