Personal Typewriter The Hemingwrite is Almost Fully-Funded

Our Literary Editor Jonathon Sturgeon may hate typewriters, but nostalgia for them is funding an ambitious new tech gadget. The Hemingwrite, a portable personal typewriter that allows writers to draft without the internet but save their work digitally, has been on Kickstarter for a mere 24 hours and has nearly reached its ambitious funding goal. That’s how much aspiring writers want a chance at anything, anything at all that will allow them to write drafts without editing and without checking to see what ill-considered sentiment their favorite novelist has tweeted lately. It’s using technology to insulate ourselves from technology, and it’s brilliant.

PSA: If there are any kindly benefactors out there who want to contribute to the future of American letters by donating one of these to your humble Flavorwire blogger, definitely pay heed to your charitable instincts. As a reward, I will write you an epic poem on my Hemingwrite. You will be the hero.