Philip Roth Novel ‘Indignation’ to Be Adapted into Film Directed by James Schamus


The former head of Focus Features, James Schamus, will make his directorial debut with Indignation. The film is based on the famous Philip Roth novel, which takes place in the 1950’s and is narrated by Marcus Messner, a Jewish student from Newark who transfers to a college in Ohio to escape his paranoid butcher father. Messner also happens to claim to be narrating the story from the afterlife. Schamus spoke of the project:

“Marcus Messner is an extraordinary character, heartbreakingly open and alive, and Anthony Bregman is an extraordinary producer, heartstoppingly economical; bringing them together for my first feature as a director is as felicitous a match as I could ever hope for.”

The film begins shooting in New York next summer. [Via Deadline]