Queens Hostel Opens With Domestic Violence Theme


Sigh. DNAinfo reports that a new “pop-up hostel” in the Queens neighborhood of Rockaway Beach has gone forth with a domestic violence theme. Named the Hostile Hostel, the temporary establishment features beds named after Chris Brown, Ike Turner, and Mel Gibson, in addition to lawbreakers and scandal-makers like Eliot Spitzer, Heidi Fleiss, and Tony Soprano. It was only after DNAinfo inquired about the questionable room names — the “Domestic Violence Bungalow,” the “Wife Beater Bungalow,” the “Crack House Bungalow,” and the “Whore House” — that the hostel’s owner realized they may not be wise. From the article:

“It’s just a joke,” owner Laura Jones said. “If it doesn’t go over well, we can pull it.”

But she later conceded that “it hadn’t really occurred” to her that the violent names would be offensive.

“The fact that you mentioned it — I don’t want to cause any trouble, and I just don’t want to offend anyone.”

Community board members are not amused, while Jones jokes on the Hostile Hostel’s website, “Please do not take us too seriously.” Hard to do when it’s all so offensive.