“R-Rated Christian Fiction” Author Won’t Take Detroit Art Rescue Lying Down


[Image via Detroitnews.com]

It’s hard to write an un-ironic description of Dan Calabrese, who recently wrote an op-ed arguing that the voting public of Detroit has gotten a free pass for the city’s immense fiscal woes. The title is:  “Why is the public a sacred cow in Detroit?

Not surprisingly, Calabrese was sympathetic to the idea of Detroit seizing assets from the Detroit Institute of Arts to pay back their creditors. Art law experts are generally baffled by the idea of a city selling works of art in the event of a municipal bankruptcy, but if you hate art and you love creditors, then it seems reasonable.

Just know that if you get on board with Calabrese’s argument, you’re also getting on board with the author of the Royal Oak series, published with the tagline, “Too honest for Christian publishers. Too powerful to ignore.”

Here’s a line from the publisher’s website:

“If your idea of Christian fiction is a “family-friendly” tale in which no one offends anyone, and the most controversial word anyone uses is ‘shucks,’ the Royal Oak Series will freak the living crap out of you.”