Read Allen Ginsberg’s Poem for Socialist Politician Bernie Sanders

An incredible profile of Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders’ high-socalist days as Burlington, Vermont’s mayor have unearthed a poetic gem — a 1986 verse tribute to the then-mayor by Allen Ginsberg himself.

Burlington Snow

Socialist snow on the streets

Socialist talk in the Maverick bookstore

Socialist kids sucking socialist lollipops

Socialist poetry in socialist mouths

—aren’t the birds frozen socialists?

Aren’t the snowclouds blocking the airfield

Social Democratic Appeasement?

Isn’t the socialist sky owned by

the socialist sun?

Earth itself socialist, forests, rivers, lakes

furry mountains, socialist salt

in oceans?

Isn’t this poem socialist? It doesn’t

belong to me anymore.

It’s not bad poetry, and it certainly can’t hurt Sanders’ street cred with the progressive wing of his party. Want more Bernie? Here’s this gem from the profile, by the Guardian’s Paul Lewis.

Sanders was the only mayor in the entire country who was neither a Democrat nor a Republican, and one of the few self-described socialists to gain public office. Burlington’s political establishment was aghast. “It was like Trotsky had been elected mayor,” Sugarman recalled. “But it wasn’t Trotsky. It was Bernie.”

Hat tip: Mother Jones.