Rick Springfield, Singer of “Jessie’s Girl,” Will Appear on Season 2 of ‘True Detective’


Looking to continue their efforts to rehabilitate the careers of once-popular old white dudes, the folks behind Season 2 of True Detective have seen fit to hire Rick Springfield, best known as the singer of ’80s hit “Jessie’s Girl,” who has really only acted as himself so far (in Californication). This was confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, as well as Springfield’s Twitter.

No word yet on Springfield’s role, though one (or many, if you look at Twitter) would suspect that it involves stalking a girl, who may or may not already be taken by a man named Jessie, and the existential crisis that results from devoting oneself to one-sided love.

In case you’ve forgotten, the show has already cast Rachel McAdams as a bitchy by-the-book cop, Vince Vaughn as a threatened criminal mastermind, Colin Farrell as a crooked cop, Taylor Kitsch as a war vet with a difficult past, and Kelly Reilly as a D-list actress who is also Vaughn’s wife.

No word yet as to when the 8-episode season will air.