Rio’s Mayor Really, Really Wants Woody Allen to Make a Movie There


As you may have noticed, Woody Allen’s been doing some travelling lately. With the exception of his new Blue Jasmine and 2009’s Whatever Works, every film the prolific moviemaker has directed since 2005’s Match Point has been shot in Europe, and it’s been a win/win: the new locales have revitalized his filmmaking, while the films (which often include the name of the location right there in the title) have been a boon for tourism. And the mayor of Rio de Janiero would like to a spot on Woody’s itinerary.

Rio mayor Eduardo Paes has offered to pay 100% of the production costs associated with an Allen film set in the city. “I’ll pay whatever it takes to get him to come film here,” Paes told the O Globo.

Allen’s films have been bankrolled by foreign interests for years—that’s part of the explanation for his “European phase.” No word yet on if Mr. Allen will accept; he’s currently hard at work on his new film, starring Emma Stone and Colin Firth and shooting in the South of France. Nice work if you can get it.

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