So Maybe There’ll Be a ‘Better Call Saul’ Show


As we all know, and have sadly come to accept through a series of steps not unlike the grieving process, Breaking Bad is coming to a close this summer. But here’s a strange development: the show’s creators may be trying to hatch a spin-off for Saul Goodman, the shady lawyer played to sleazy perfection since season two by Mr. Show’s Bob Oedenkirk.

The news is being reported by Deadline, so proceed with caution, but their information is that the pitch comes from Bad creator Vince Gilligan and series writer/producer Peter Gould, who wrote the episode that introduced Mr. Goodman.

We’re of two minds here. On one hand, Saul is a great character, and Oedenkirk is always a treat, so anything that keeps him working is a-okay by us. On the other, while Saul is terrific comic relief, isn’t he better as a supporting character than as the focal point? And is Breaking Bad really a show that lends itself to franchising? And if it is, then where’s our Badger and Skinny Pete Odd Couple-style roommate sitcom?