Spotify Has a Totally Original Idea for Getting New Subscribers

We all love Spotify—and what’s not to like, right? Free music, curated playlists, the chance to give pretty much anything a listen before buying it yourself: all lovely things. But they’re also operating with a pretty thin profit margin, and Business Insider reports they’re looking to change that by adding streaming video. And original video content, because no one else is doing that.

The strategy is, to say the least, peculiar; it was kind of an easy transition for HBO or Netflix (both of which are invoked as examples), because both were already established providers of existing content, and presumably Amazon’s new forays into original shows will benefit from the same familiarity. But Spotify is trying to do two new things at once—and move into an already crowded field. Isn’t original web programming already reaching a saturation point? How much more can we consume? Time will tell, apparently.

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