St. Vincent’s New Track, “Prince Johnny”

After she debuted her retro-futuristic “Digital Witness” music video and her (surprisingly successful) purplish retirement-community-DIY-chic dye-job, Annie Clark (St. Vincent) stopped by Los Angeles radio station KCRW for a guest DJ set, where she dropped another unreleased song, “Prince Johnny” from her upcoming self-titled album. As there’s no historical record of any particular Prince John – and there have been many — “trac[ing] [St. Vincent’s] undies with [his] index” while “lying prostrate on the carpet” and making her a “real girl,” it’s hard to tell exactly which royal John she’s addressing (that of Robin Hood? That of 1900s England? That of Taylor-Thomas?). However, it’s immediately apparent, in now having two amazing tracks from her new album, that Clark’s bizarre combination of xanaxed-angel vocals and sexy-whoopee-cushion guitar stylings are sounding better than ever.