Steven Soderbergh Recut ‘2001’

Still from "2001: A Space Odyssey"

Since retiring from feature filmmaking a couple of years back, Steven Soderbergh has spent his newly free time on endeavors both unsurprising (helming The Knick) and more peculiar. Firmly in the latter camp is his predilection, on his Extension 765 website, for recutting and reimagining his favorite movies. Previous endeavors have included a version of Psycho that mashes up the Hitchcock original and the Van Sant shot-for-shot remake; a black-and-white, silent rendering of Raiders of the Lost Ark; and a massively shortened “butcher’s cut” of Michael Cimino’s divisive Heaven’s Gate. But his latest project could very well cause a mutiny among the cinephiles who frequent Extension 765 and purchase its clever T-shirts: a 110-minute version of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Soderbergh calls it “THE most impressively imagined and sustained piece of visual art created in the 20th century,” but that didn’t stop him from trimming 50 minutes from the 1968 classic’s final cut. Kubrickians may revolt, but let it be said—this could be very interesting (particularly for those of us who admit that there’s maaaaaybe a bit of fat in that first act).

Watch it here.