The Internet Refuses to Help Melissa Joan Hart Make a Movie

“You can help me take a walk of shame,” Melissa Joan Hart said in a video enlisting her fans to help her raise $2 million to make a romantic comedy with the pitiful title, Darci’s Walk of Shame. Wanting to break out of the Nickelodeon mold of her former teen roles as the eponymous protagonists of Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Clarissa Explains It All, Hart had hoped to make a different kind of movie in which she would basically make out with hot guys — more Spring Breakers, less Disney, let’s say. But having raised hardly any of her $2 million goal (she was only $1,948,395 off target), the teen star has been forced to cancel. Head to The A.V. Club to watch the (rather cringeworthy) video of her original, now fruitless plea to her fans.