The Politics of In Touch’s “Kanye Is Gay” Story

Speculation on Kanye West’s sexuality refuses to die, and a recent In Touch story has added fuel to the fire with rumors of a gay affair. Maureen O’Connor of The Cut dives into the sexual and journalistic ethics of the article. She comments on the sensational headlines (“HE’S GAY” and “KANYE IS GAY,” with “Kim’s Worst Fear” more or less in fine print) and an overwhelming reliance on unnamed internet commenters. “In other words, In Touch just became the first magazine to give its biggest cover line to the wisdom of unknown strangers who could be joking, high, malicious, ironic, fictitious, or not even sure what ‘HE’S GAY’ means.” O’Connor unpacks the article’s absurd quotes and denial of West’s heterosexual impulses. At the heart of both stories is a painful, important question: “Are we really so incapable of processing a straight man who likes fashion and has gay friends?”