The Smiths Are Trying to Kill “This Charming Charlie” Because Morrissey Is a Fun Vampire

Nothing personal to all the Smiths devotees out there, but I can’t stand Morrissey, so I kind of feel a little vindicated every time he does something terrible. Last week, people were disappointed by his cancelled book that may not have even existed in the first place. Today, Morrissey is back to depress us again: the people behind Peanuts/Smiths mash-up Tumblr “This Charming Charlie” revealed they’ve been getting emails from Universal. The Smiths are apparently not cool with this use of their lyrics, genius as it may be. It’s no secret that we at Flavorwire are delighted by This Charming Charlie (myself included, Morrissey hatred not withstanding), so this is a total bummer. The makers of the site are encouraging fans to download the comics and that they wish the band was “a bit more understanding.” This is why I picked Team Robert Smith, you guys. That dude has yet to let me down ever. [via AV Club]