‘The Today Show’ Helps Promote Joe Paterno Doc by That Creep in David Foster Wallace’s ‘Host’


If you’re like us, your primary exposure to a man named John Ziegler was via “Host,” David Foster Wallace’s masterful 2005 article on right-wing radio in general and Ziegler in particular. Wallace’s piece painted Ziegler as O.J.-obsessed and, frankly, mentally unbalanced; he’s spent the years since proving the last assertion correct, establishing himself as something of a professional Sarah Palin defender (and then, after the tide turned against her, one of her biggest critics), and a maker of “conservative documentaries” like Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted and Blocking the Path to 9/11. His new film is called — we’re not making this up — The Framing of Joe Paterno. And NBC just helped advertise it!

As Gawker and Think Progress have pointed out, The Today Show today aired what had been promoted as an “exclusive interview” with former Penn State coach and convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky. What they actually aired were excerpts from Ziegler’s newest documentary, for which he interviewed Sandusky several times. He told the AP that he’ll post additional excerpts online over the next few days; they also report that Ziegler is “working on the defense of Paterno,” so it’s probably safe to assume that the money he makes on the documentary that was just advertised before a nationwide audience will help pay for his work on said defense.

So way to go, Peacock!