The Weather Channel Is Getting in on the Webseries Game

“What are the kids into these days?” some Weather Channel exec asked his staff. “Webseries!” they yelled back. How else might you explain why the venerable cable network, which is devoted to ’round-the-clock coverage of weather and the various ways it can (and will) destroy us, is now expanding its super-sized umbrella to include original web programming? Three new series are planned for online premieres this fall. The first, I Am Unstoppable, follows six athletes who overcome a variety of set-backs (ranging from leg amputations and refugee-camp upbringings) and accomplish kick-ass feats like mountain climbing and completing triathlons. The second, Virus Hunters, is about scientists who track deadly viruses, naturally. The third, Alive, fits in a bit more with the Weather Channel’s brand: profiles of disaster survivors. [via Deadline]