There’s Another Adnan Syed Podcast in the Works


Have you been thirsting for more Serial ever since Sarah Koenig said her last, noncommittal word, and Nick Thorburn’s score slowly materialized for the last time, beeping its way to your heart? Do you crave more information about Adnan Syed, or more tidbits about the mysterious Jay? Who killed Hae Min Lee? We may never know for sure. But someone is making another podcast about it.

Specifically, that person is Rabia Chaudry, a lawyer and old acquaintance of Syed’s. She appeared on Serial, but, like most of Serial‘s listeners, was not happy that Serial ended the way it did — that Koenig had not found a “smoking gun” that proved Syed’s innocence. So, she’s making a new podcast that will follow the continued tribulations (and, maybe, trials) of Syed. It’s called Undisclosed: The State v. Adnan Syed, and will premiere its first episode on April 13.

This isn’t going to be a recreation of the murder, as Serial tried to be, but will instead investigate, from a lawyer’s point of view, the intricacies of the case. Susan Simpson and Collin Miller, two additional lawyers, will also be assisting with the podcast.

It would be fair to assume that this podcast would simply be retreading, but because the Maryland Court of Special Appeals has agreed to hear arguments in favor of Syed getting a new trial, Undisclosed could very well have a whole new pile of information to talk about, breathlessly, as an ominous score plays in the background.