This British Show Co-Starring Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe Exists, and It Just Got Renewed

Finding out that there are four hours’ worth of a Daniel Radcliffe/Jon Hamm period dramedy just waiting for you to watch them is a great way to spend a Monday morning. Even better? There are four more coming up. A Young Doctor’s Notebook sees Radcliffe playing a younger, morphine-addicted version of Hamm’s serious medical professional, bumbling his way through the Russian revolution. Aired on Britain’s Sky Arts, A Young Doctor’s Notebook was just renewed for a second series (Brit-speak for season), which will adapt more of the autobiographical Mikhail Bulgakov short stories the first season was based on. Enjoy the trailer for the first season above, and get psyched for a slightly more together, more British version of Don Draper to take over the small screen. [via Vulture]